Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Embroidery Designs

Z LOVES Spiderman.  He has spiderman sheets.  He wants spiderman curtains.  Since our windows are rather short - only 64 inches - I decided to try and made him some.  We found some pretty - on the computer - embroidery designs.  So, we purchased some heavy duty, plain colored material and appliqued some spiderman material on it and started embroidering Spiderman.  Unfortunately, these designs did NOT come from my favorite embroidery design spot - Star Bird Designs.  I couldn't find any from the places I like to buy.  So, I purchased from someone who said they designed the patterns themselves.  They sure did!!  They are awful!  And I can't leave feedback on the purchase site.  (For your information, here's the link I used - don't you make the same mistake either I've tried to sew out 4 of them.  What's wrong the designs?  All the colors aren't coming together as they should and the colors overlap so much that it dulls my needles after the 2nd color.  Not fun having to keep rethreading the machine.  No, I'm not taking the hoop off during sewing and the needles aren't breaking (just the thread) and none of the threads have gotten caught in the embroidery foot (which has happened and will pull the material out of the hoop).  I have been able to correct some of them, but this last one was uncorrectable!  What a waste of time and money!!!!

So, we are back to the drawing board on the curtains.  I'm thinking of just getting the panels that match the sheets, even if they are too long, and be done with it.
Spiderman - the blue isn't matching
the rest of the body

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