Monday, October 28, 2013

Football Cakes

Today, we are having an end of season get-together for Z's flag football team.  I offered to make the cake.  I was just going to have one but we had trouble finding the football shaped cake pan (Hobby Lobby isn't exactly a neighborhood store for us) and I found the stadium cake pan at our local Wal-Mart.   When we looked at the cake pans and thought out how much just our family would eat, we decided we probably needed to do two (we did find the football pan finally).  So, I did......

Cake number 1: Football cake: Funfetti cake with buttercream and cocoa buttercream icing. 

Cake number 2: A football stadium: vanilla cake with buttercream and cocoa buttercream icing.  The "people" are sprinkles and I put fall sprinkles on the top because football is a fall sport.  I made the flags out of scrapbook paper and lollipop sticks.  I taped the paper to the sticks.  The "Wolverines" is the name of Z's team.  

Very cool cakes!!  And just so you know that I haven't gone too crazy and it really is for a flag football team -   "Gig'Em Aggies"  - #12 in the BCS polls!  "Whoop!!!"

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